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Bag Stackers & Bag Handling Conveyors

We are bag stackers & bag handling conveyors manufacturers based in India. Bag handling & stacking is a labour intensive operation often requiring labourers to repeatedly travel with 50 kg or 100 kg bags over their shoulders and to stack it inside the truck or the godown at heights of up to 5 ~ 6 meters. These operational requirements often make it difficult to find labourers to do such tedious jobs. Even those who do this job suffer low efficiency and higher fatigue rates.


We manufacture customized bag stackers with inclination adjustment using hydraulic cylinders or linear screw arrangement. Our bag stacker conveyors easily achieve transfer rates of up to 3600 bags/hr and can carry bags of any width or weight. These conveyor systems are mobile and easy to move and are made with high quality components to endure long hours of work and impact loading conditions.



Our range of bag handling conveyors include


  • Bag stacker Conveyors
  • Bipartite bag stacker conveyors
  • Portable belt conveyors
  • Telescopic truck loader conveyors


Bag Stacker
Bag Stacking Conveyor











Portable Belt Conveyor
Portable Belt Conveyor
Double Boom Bag Stacker
Bipartite Bag Stacker
Telescopic Conveyor for Truck Loading
Telescopic Truck Loader Conveyor